Lejardi has become an important force in Cuban electronic music, sharing the stage with a diverse range of international artists such as Major Lazer, Cedric Gervais, Chus & Ceballos, Dj Tennis, Dj Koze, Gabriel Ananda, Dj Mala, Goldierocks, X Alfonso and Adroid among others while racking up accolades from the likes of TIME Magazine, THUMP and MTV. He was the first Cuban DJ and electronic music producer to be published by a Cuban label with his experimental album: Welcome to El Mundo (2013).

Lejardi champions a unique style that combines traditional Cuban music and themes with the most cutting edge and experimental techniques of modern electronic music. His sets can vary from  EDM to Deep House and Techno and draw inspiration from all over the world.

DJ Lejardi – In Make Up Town EP


1. Cloud Club (Feat. Alex Benitez)

2. Afrocuban

3. Heartbeat (Every Moment Counts)

4 Highflame (Lejardi & David Casas)

5.  Congo




DJ Lejardi – Multifaces EP


1. Azucenas (Lejardi & John Ex)

2. Azucenas (Lejardi & John Ex) (David Casa Remix)

3. Hive Mind

4. Dtrop

5. Reggaetumb

6. Loose Control