The producer, DJ and audiovisual artist Iván Lejardi is well known as a major national and international activist in an emerging Cuban electronic music scene. His innovative music and sets range from EDM to Deep House and Techno while experimenting with Cuba traditional music and every-day-life sounds.

Iván Lejardi has been making waves in his home country for quite some time now: He has taken part in musical collaborations, night club events and in the creation of major projects focused on electronic music: He founded the Villalon Project, – public electronic music concerts with local and foreign guest artists – He was co-founder and resident Dj for almost 8 years of Sarao Night Club project, the most important weekly electronic music event in the country. He is a resident DJ for the acclaimed Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), one of the most innovative cultural places in Cuba.

Dj Lejardi

Lejardi has become a champion of Cuban electronic music, sharing the stage with a diverse range of international artists such as Major Lazer, Cedric Gervais, Chus & Ceballos, Dj Tennis, Dj Koze, Gabriel Ananda, Dj Mala, Goldierocks, X Alfonso and Adroid among others while racking up accolades from the likes of TIME Magazine, THUMP and MTV. Since his beginnings in 2008, he has been granted some of the most recognized awards in Cuba and Latin America: Best DJ of the Year by “Cuerda Viva” National Festival (2010, 2016); Several awards by the Cuban Video Clip Festival “Lucas” (2009, 2010); Award to the Best Album of Electronic Music by “Cubadisco National Awards” (2013); Best Soundtrack Award by “Mambe Festival” (Colombia 2013).

Lejardi has taken part in festivals such as “Lucas”, “Cuerda Viva”, “Cine Plaza”, “Rotilla”, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music ¨Spring in Havana¨ and The International Youth and Students Festival in South Africa. He has also been part of national cultural tours, has worked in numerous electronic music venues throughout the country and as a DJ and designer for Red Bull’s cultural and sport events. His music has appeared in several Cuban TV shows, national and international spots, as well as in soundtracks for short films, theater and dance productions. He was the first Cuban DJ and electronic music producer to be published by a Cuban label with his experimental album: Welcome to El Mundo (2013).

With the thawing of relations between Cuba and the rest of the world, Lejardi and his alias “Pregon” are poised to break out of his home island, displaying his music in platforms such as Spotify, Dezzer, Apple Music, ITunes and Beatport. As the sound of Cuba continues to reach new markets around the globe, Lejardi is definitely a name to watch out for.